Walking in the Shadow of Twilight: UK Twilight Admins visit Set Locations [Part 1]

Part 1

Last September 2012 myself (Alicia) and Dani went on one amazing, road-tripping, holiday to the North West of the USA, to do a film and book tour for, you guessed it, Twilight!

We flew into Sea-Tac airport on September 4th and met our friend Susie, who’d be on this epic road trip with us, for the next seven days! After looking around Seattle, we headed back to Susie’s to get some rest for our drive up to Vancouver, BC, the following morning.

Once arriving in Vancouver, we checked into the Sheraton Hotel, which is where some of the Twilight cast stayed during the filming of Eclipse. We’d be staying for the night, so we could check out lots of filming locations the following day, with our awesome Vancouver filming location guide, Christine.

The first filming locations we saw, were from Eclipse and were situated in downtown Vancouver. The first locations were ‘Rosalie’s Flashback’ and also the alleyway where Riley makes his entrance, in Eclipse. We also went down the street where Bella pulls up to meet J. Jenks, in Breaking Dawn Part 2 and managed to get a photograph of the door on the opposite side of the street, which is visible in the film!

From downtown Vancouver, we then travelled up to Murrin Provincial Park & Shannon Falls Provincial Park, to see three more Breaking Dawn locations. At Murrin, we saw a rockface location that was filmed for part of Bella’s vampire hunting scene in BDP2. At Shannon Falls, we went to the location where Bella gets her ‘cougar’ on and also climbed up to see the falls itself, which is featured in Breaking Dawn Part 1.

From Shannon Falls, we headed down to Squamish, to the location where the CGI wolves confrontation was filmed, for Breaking Dawn Part 1. We then headed back to downtown Vancouver to visit the Orpheum theatre, where ‘Edward’s BDP1 Flashback’ was filmed. Our last location of the day was David Thompson Secondary School, also in Vancouver, which is the location for the scene from New Moon in which Alice jumps over the railing and gives Bella her birthday present at school!

The following day, we then headed to New Westminster, BC, to visit the Paramount Gentlemen’s Club which was transformed into a theatre, for the filming of New Moon, where Mike, Bella & Jacob go to watch ‘Face Punch’!

Just around the corner from the Paramount, were three more locations. Including scenes, from New Moon, ‘One-Eyed Pete’s’, where Bella spots the motorcyclists and also Bella’s motorcycle ride outside One Eyed Pete’s. We then went and stood at the wall, where the Volturi over-look the Newborns, from Eclipse!

We then started our journey, from Canada, down to Port Angeles…

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