Leah Gibson in “Rogue” Interview!


Leah Gibson is set to hit US screens tonight (3rd April) in her dramatic new series “Rogue”. A gritty crime thriller about an undercover female detective, Grace Travis (played by Thandie Newton), whose son is mysteriously killed by someone within the Laszlo crime organization she is investigating.

Leah and co-star Joshua Sasse were interviewed by NERDVANA about their unconventional roles as the mobster husband and wife team, Alec & Cathy Laszlo.

Leah as Cathy Laszlo

I understand you both have Canadian roots and “Rogue” is shot in Canada as well, correct?

Leah: Yes it’s shot in Vancouver and I’ve worked there for the last few years in film and TV, and I was one of the few ‘token locals’ that were hired for the show.

Joshua: My grandparents originally came from Vancouver and my Grandfather tells stories about skiing to school and stuff.

How much of the series is shot in Canada? Do you ever go to Oakland, where the series story is based, or is that all shot with a second-unit?

Joshua: The second-unit did all the skylines and an incredible amount of work down there, but all of the acting was done in Vancouver.

It seems like Alec and Cathy have an almost sadistic chemistry in the series and almost every time you appear together Alec is getting slapped by Cathy for some reason.  What can you tell us about the relationship between your characters?

Leah: Their relationship is very, very passionate and they live a very extreme and somewhat unusual lifestyle for a family. She’s a character who finds herself in a unique family situation joining the Laszlo family and it’s not something she was born into, but it’s something that she made certain choices along the way to find herself living in this family situation.

She is completely defined by her relationship with her husband, who she lives for, and she accepts her responsibilities within that scheme. With the family business being what it is, I find it interesting that as a mother and a loving wife she can turn a blind eye so willingly to the nature of the family business.

Her heart is with the family and her heart is with her husband and she knows how to maneuver within that world and communicate with her husband without even speaking and to respond to him inside that world.


See the complete interview here.

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