Twilight Fans Get Punk’d

Some of the biggest Twilight fans were invited to London. They were told to sit on a bench where they would receive a thank you for their on going support of The Twilight Saga. The world of Twilight was unleashed upon them . . Here’s what happened!!!

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  1. avatarNatalie Seymour

    mental! I am a huge twilight fan and am sad I have never been able to go to a premiere or eternal twilight 🙁 my youngest of 4 children was born @ 26 Weeks in 2007 and twilight has helped me over the year its been my escape from the endless hospital stays and gave me something to look forward to. I have a home full of twilight as my husband says and hopefully one day will get to meet some of the cast or even Stephanie herself which would be a dream x


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