UK Twilight Meet Stephenie Meyer at The Host Signing


It’s been almost 6 years since Stephenie Meyer came to the UK to do a book signing so we weren’t about to miss this opportunity to meet the woman who gave so many of us a common interest and lead me to give the fans in the UK the forum to talk about the world she created.

A few fans travelling from further reaches like Ireland arrived bright and early to be at the front of the queue while others caught 40 winks on over night busses to guarantee they got to meet Stephenie. Arriving shortly after 11am, myself and admins G and Alicia were surprised to find ourselves in the first 40 in the queue. We had anticipated that many more fans would come along later in the day but turn out was far less than expected. This meant that some of us chose to go back through to get more books signed for friends who couldn’t make it and I’m sure there will be some very happy mums come Mothers Day on Sunday!

I can’t say I remember exactly what I said but I think I thanked her for coming, that I was looking forward to seeing The Host and that meeting her was 8 years in the waiting and we had come full circle. An din the words of one fan Hana ~ Today my dream came true!

We have a few photos from the event that we will post up tomorrow but for now you will have to put up with my ugly mug. In the meantime, some of the fans (including me) were spoken to by the UK press and here’s a link to one story from THe Independent.

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