Kristen Stewart to Attend the Oscars!


Wouldn’t it be nice that after 5 movies The Twilight Saga was recognised for a special award but alas that’s not happening. Instead we can look forward to seeing Kristen Stewart done up in her finery presenting an award.

A couple of movies of interest have been nominated however; Snow White and the Huntsman in the Best Costume Design category and The Master, which includes amongst it’s cast Rami Malek, is up for awards in both Best Supporting Actor categories.

I’m sure that in the future and based on his recent performance in Cosmopolis we will definitely see Robert Pattinson receiving a much deserved golden statue but until that day arrives let’s enjoy the biggest award ceremony of the year. Tune in to Sky Movies 1 tonight around 11.30 for the red carpet and 1:00 am for the event itself.

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