Ladies and Gentlemen, the Legend That is . . . Patrick Brennan

Right from the off at the opening ceremony, Patrick Brennan aka Liam of the Irish coven in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, had us on a promise of something special he wanted to do at one of the talks. Those of us who had seen him at a previous con were used to his brilliant on the spot impromptu raps (the man can rap the phone book) so we really had no idea what was in store for us!

Patrick is a brilliant character and comes across as a very quiet and thoughtful man but what a talent. He talks with great affection of his family, his wife and son and is humble about his popularity amongst the Twilight fans this side of the pond. He jokes when asked what was the last book he read that the first 18 pages of Twilight are great. Patrick’s body of work may not be great but his heart and passion can not be faulted. He is in a word, amazing and we hope you enjoy watching this video as much as all of us who watched it live!

Many thanks to Emma at We Love Patrick Brennan, Patrick’s official fan page on facebook, Dawn the crew member from Massive Events who had permission to film this and last but not least, Jessica Brennan who allowed the video to go public.


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