Robert Pattinson lands in Australia for ‘The Rover’

Robert Pattinson - Sydney

Robert Pattinson landed in sunny Adelaide, Australia yesterday morning for rehearsal and production of ‘The Rover’ the first of many projects he has lined up for 2013. The Rover is said to be set around 15 to 20 years in the future and takes place in the Australian outback.

Teaser: A man pursues a gang who stole his car through the wild and rough Australian outback of the near future.

Synopsis: The Australian desert in a dangerous and damaged near future. Eric has left everything, everyone and every semblance of human kindness behind him. And then he has his last possession stolen by a gang of dangerous criminals. Eric sets off on a ruthless mission to track them down, forced along the way to enlist the help of Rey, the naïve and injured junior member of the gang, who was left behind in the bloody chaos of the gang’s most recent robbery.


Director : David Michod
Producer : David Linde, Liz Watts, David Michod
Line Producer : Libby Sharpe
Writer : David Michod
Cast : Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce
DOP : Natasha Braier
Location : South Australia
Visual Effects : Angelo Sahin
Production Company : Lava Bear Films, Porchlight Films
Distribution : Australia- Village Roadshow
Start Shoot : Proposed- January 24th, 2013
Wrap Shoot : Proposed- late March, 2013


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    Rob ur rock n i love u n ir awesome actor.


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