The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 DVD/Blu-Ray UK Release – March 11th


You can now pre-order The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 for release on March 11th. For those waiting for information on the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Extended Edition, it will be included in the box set !! No content details has been released as of yet as a lot is still TBC however, I can tell you that the 2 disc limited edition has over 3 hours of extras!

Here’s the pre-order links for the usual places!




I know that a lot of people were hoping for a separate release of the Breaking Dawn Part 1 extended edition but I’m sure you’ll agree that the box set is a must have addition to any Twilight fans collection and pretty good value at £25 on DVD and £40 on Blu-Ray. Although Sainsbury’s at £19.99 and £32.99 is a bargain!!


  1. avatarhafgb

    AWSOME!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!

  2. avatarK

    I’ve purchased all of my previous Twilight DVD editions from HMV, so I got the hologram Breaking Dawn Pt 1 and Edward editions of all previous films, which I think were all HMV exclusives. However, now that HMV are in administration, does any one know if they have a limited edition of Breaking Dawn pt 2?

    1. avatarElaine (Post author)

      Good question as I’m sure many people are in the same boat. I will contact the DVD PR company and see what they have to say!

  3. avatarK

    Thanks Elaine! xx

    1. avatarElaine (Post author)

      I am hoping that since there are still a number of HMV stores open, they will be selling these limited editions there. I have emailed my contact and hopefully he’ll respond with the right answer!

    2. avatarElaine (Post author)

      Sadly, there will not be any limited editions available in HMV stores. The closest thing will be the box set for it’s cover or the two disc edition which has extra features but no special cover!

  4. avatarK

    Thanks so much for checking that Elaine! 🙂


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