Breaking Dawn Part 2 & Twilight Saga: The Complete Collection DVD’s & BluRay

Cover art for the UK 2 Disc Limited Edition of Breaking Dawn Part 2 and the original DVD have been released!


Unfortunately, we’re not able to pre-order this just quite yet! But you can head on over to HMV here, to sign up for a newsletter which will notify you when you can pre-order!

HMV will also be releasing an exclusive box-set of all five film installments, in ‘Twilight Saga: The Complete Collection’, which will be avaliable on DVD and Bluray! You can also head over to HMV here, to sign up for the newsletter!


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US Target have also released cover art for their exclusive Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, 2-Disc Blu-ray!


Target’s website has marked this Blu-Ray for a release date of March 2nd 2013! Although currently unavaliable for pre-order, once purchased, you’re entitled to a free gift of Target’s exclusive 30″x40″ Breaking Dawn Part 2 poster!


To find out more about Target’s exclusive 2-disc Blu-Ray edition of Breaking Dawn Part 2, head on over to their website, by clicking here!

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