UK Twilight’s Best and Most Memorable Bits of 2012


As 2012 draws to a close, we thought we’d take a look back on the best and most memorable bits of what has been the one of the most emotional years in for the Twilight fandom.

January kicked off with the happy occasion that was the wedding of Nikki Reed and Paul MacDonald. Take a look at these beautiful pictures from their day!

Of course DVD promotion for Breaking Dawn Part 1 took off with images from covers being released as well as the first TV spots screening in the US ready for the February release. How jealous were we that we still had another month to wait?

In February, Amy was whisked away to Berlin for the International Film Festival after winning a competition to attend the premiere of Bel Ami! Here’s Amy with Rob and HERE’S the origianl story Amy posted about her experience! We think maybe this was the highlight of her year!


Of course, no February would be the same without an Eternal Twilight convention and this coming February was going to be a close call after Massive Events called time on the events last year. Luckily for us UK fans we got a last minute reprieve and will be back at the Hilton in Birmingham for ET9 in 7 weeks time. In the meantime, why not take a look at some of the pics from ET7. If you are interested in attending ET9, click on the logo on the right and it’ll take you straight to the site!

Come March time, who can forget the couple who married Breaking Dawn style and changed their name to Cullen? Andy and Abigail from Bournemouth, themed their entire day around the wedding of Edward and Bella right down to a reproduction of the dress!!


Now here’s one of my personal highlights of 2012. In April, I was luckily enough to interview the lovely Judi Shekoni. Check out the first of two exclusive interviews Judi gave me HERE The relationship UK Twilight has with Judi has grown beyond our wildest dreams this year. After publishing this interview back in June, I was given a 2nd opportunity to speak with Judi. This lead to me helping out with her official facebook page and a nice chat over tea in London in November, but that conversation shall remain private ;). We are all looking forward to seeing Judi at the Eternal Twilight 9 convention in February 2013!

May was a huge premiere month for the Twilight cast. Both Rob and Kristen had movies at the Cannes film festival (On the Road and Cosmopolis) and Anna Kendrick was on the red carpet for her movie, ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ but the biggest premiere of the month by a long shot was Snow White and the Huntsman Dani, Alicia and Gem froze their buns off camping overnight to get prime spot on the red carpet while Amy and I were lucky enough to get into the bloggers pen.

June brought one major highlight for the Twilight fans and another to the London Apple Store! First off, Robert Pattinson and Cosmopolis directer David Cronenberg took part in a Q&A. Rob certainly racked up the airmiles getting all over Europe to promote the movie. Check out our original post

Then came the long awaited teaser trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 2 was released and we couldn’t get enough! But still, we wanted more!!

July was a Big BIG month in the Twi verse with San Diego Comic Con. With one of the largest cast panels introducing the majority of the newest coven members to the world, the convention also revealed the first 7 minutes of Breaking Dawn Part 2 to the fans lucky enough to be in Hall H! This was also the month that we got out first look at the character posters for the newer coven members! HERE

Robs promotion of Cosmopolis continued at a pace through August with the New York Premiere followed by ringing the bell at the ‘Stock Exchange’ alongside David Cronenberg. You check out the video of the event HERE

Kristen’s movie ‘On the Road’ premiered in London at Film 4’s festival at Somerset House. The outdoor screening was attended by co-stars but not Kristen herself. UK Twilight had a healthy presence at the event (myself, Alicia, Gem, Dani and Amy) and a lot of numb bums!!

A couple of days after this event, I was summoned to London and a secret location to have 7 minutes in heaven with Peter Facinelli!! Oh alright then, it was a mini press junket and it was 9 minutes! Click on the EXCLUSIVES link above to watch the vid!!

September saw cast members Dakota Fanning and Anna Kendrick promoting other projects and the main cast attended the VMA’s to introduce a first look at a new Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer! HERE

Things got a bit scary in October! Promo for Breaking Dawn part 2 took off with a vengeance! Nikki and Kellan took part in fan events in London, Glasgow and Dublin and the date for the UK premiere in London was announced to be 14th November. Click Here to see some of our articles and pics from the events!

NOVEMBER The month we had all been waiting for. Fans in the US camped in tent city, were provided with entertainment and visited by the cast ahead of the premiere on 12th November. Pretty much all of the cast attended including author Stephenie Meyer. Meanwhile, fans in the UK pitched up on 10th November in a cold and bleak Leicester Square. They were placed in pens and left to their own devices until 14th November when there were herded towards the barrier where they were placed randomly without knowing if they were going to see any of the 6 cast members who were to attend. Despite this, come 2:30 ish on November 15th we all pitched up for the Twiathlon in cinemas across the land. At 12:01 am, it was time! The beginning of the end of an era. Gem summed up the entire experience perfectly!

Sitting in the cinema now. Feels like it’s the end of an era in a way, but also I know that because of the amazing experiences I have had in the past four years, and the incredible friends I have had, this is only the beginning.

This has been such a large part of my life. Twilight has changed me. I have tried new things a d found something I am passionate about – writing. I discovered I could make a costume if I tried.


Love all my amazing friends.

Big love to my peas.

Love the cast who gave everything to the roles and made them real. You are a so perfect.

To the future, because today is the first day of forever.

UK Twilight admins have their own favourite moments from this year and I will share pics in the next post. All in all we think this year has been a bit of a roller coaster ending with the epicness that was Breaking Dawn Part 2! Let’s hope we get to have as much fun in 2013!!

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  1. avatarandy

    there were lots of amazing moments like ets or fanevents for swath premieres for swath and cosmopolis and q and a for cosmo but my absolut twilight highlight of 2012 was and maybe will be forever the worldpremeire of BD2 and tent city in LA it was an amazing memory and an once in a lifetime expierience


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