Beautiful Hand Painted Twilight Goodies by Anna Paints Stuff


Several months back, fellow Twilight fan and Eternal Twilight Convention attendee decided that she wanted to paint herself a pair of heels – Twilight style. They were a huge hit, and the massively creative and arty Anna Britton took on a few commission orders.

Since then she has also designed unique painted Hi-Tops and Christmas tree baulballs.


Everything is 1oo% hand painted, so of course, utterly unique.

Her talent even spreads further than Twilight designs – visit and “like” her brand new Facebook page by clicking the banner below and take a look. Contact her via the messaging system and send some ideas her way!



Some of your might have come across Anna before, either at the Eternal Twilight Conventions, or on Channel 4’s “T4” where a photo of her dressed in her hand-made Wolf costume was shown to none other than Taylor Lautner! Anna was also one of those lucky people featured in the fan video’s that were shown in cinema’s across the UK in this years Twiathlon.


Photo credit: Emma Shaw/Little Flowers Photography

Photo Credit: Emma Shaw/Little Flowers Photography

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