Twilight Saga Cast Tweet About the End of the World

Mayan Calendar Suggests Civilization Will Soon End

So some may have believed the world would end today but its gone 9pm (GMT) and still it hasn’t ended. I’ve even had people in Australia confirm it is in fact 22nd December now and their still here. Its seems the Twilight cast definitely had something to say about the predictions of the Mayan “End of the World”.

@erikodom How are you spending your last day?

@noel_fisher @erikodom Spending time with loved ones…naw i’m just kidding. Playing video games. 🙂

@alchemission: The blink is imminent – are you ready for the era of peace? Much change is nigh. #21122012

@Marisa_Quinn: The world better not end tonight. It wud totally suck to spend my last night on earth getting a ROOT CANAL.

@jodellemicah: I’m trying to remember what’s happening tomorrow….oh, I remember. The world’s ending, right? Cool. I don’t believe the world’s ending, but hypothetically, if you knew this was the last day, what would you do? Who would you spend it with?

@noel_fisher: The world is ending tomorrow? Has anyone called Bruce Willis? He is super good at saving us whenever this happens.

@cserratos: Are we dying midnight tonight or midnight tomorrow? #mayancalender

@danielcudmore: The world ending tomorrow is about as likely as a giant eagle snatching a baby off the ground…

@tinselkorey: End of the world? Isn’t it already the 21st some places in the world? I call your bluff Mayan calender 😛 *gets struck by lightning* DOH! 🙂 Anyways folks, hope you are having an amazing day with your loved ones. 🙂 *Big Hug*

@CaseyLaBow: Thank god dolphindylan bought us these headbands for the end of the world party on the mountaintop!

@JacksonRathbone: Hey Australia! Did the world end?

@JuliaRJones: 12:05am they’re playing REM’s #EndoftheWorld. But it’s not

@noel_fisher: Damn it! The world didn’t end…guess I should do those dishes after all.

@MaggieGrace: obviously, I was waiting in case of global Apocalypse, but, ehh. I guess I better go Xmas shopping now…

@AGabrielTweet: End of the world came and went. Still here? Good. Me too. So from now on we shoot without a script. Let’s make it a beautiful story. : )


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