Charity Buzz To Auction Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 Collector Set!


This Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn collector set immortalizes Stephanie Meyer’s romantic vampire sensation based on her books and blockbuster movies.

The set includes Edward Cullen, his eternal love Bella Swan, Jacob Black, and the foreboding Jane, a powerful Volturi guard. Each character in the set is dressed in an outfit inspired byTwilight: Breaking Dawn 2; each meticulously recreated by Mattel designer, Linda Kyaw. Edward wears a wool coat, layered over a fitted cotton T-shirt and denim jeans. Bella is dressed in a tank and detailed pants, topped with a real leather jacket that has a real working zipper. Jacob sports a cotton button-down shirt layered over a jersey knit shirt and denim jeans. Jane wears a wool hooded cloak over her silk satin empire-waist dress; her black gloves have silk satin bow details.

All four dolls have hand-painted faces, premium hair and both Bella and Jane have hand-applied eye lashes!

This breath-taking collector set is includes the display case which is reminiscent of the area surrounding Forks.

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