Cam Gigandet: Code Name Geronimo

From the producer of THE HURT LOCKER and KILLER JOE



Directed by John Stockwell

Starring Cam Gigandet, Freddy Rodriguez, Alvin ‘Xzibit’ Joiner, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Kathleen Robertson

Out theatrically on DECEMBER 14 and On DVD, BLU-RAY™ & EST DECEMBER 24, 2012

From the producer of the multi-Academy Award®* winning THE HURT LOCKER, a break in the man-hunt for Osama Bin Laden serves as the riveting backdrop for CODE NAME: GERONIMO – a gripping and powerful action story about the combined efforts, of an extraordinary group of Navy seals, who undertook the operation to either capture or kill America’s number one enemy.

Focusing on the U.S. Navy SEAL team responsible for the death of Osama Bin Laden at his hideout in Pakistan in 2011, CODE NAME: GERONIMO – named after the original alias of the task to apprehend Bin Laden – is the story of a clandestine operation, a perfect storm of people, and the rare synergy of circumstances that would amount to the most daring military operation of our generation, inspired by the true story of how it almost fell apart.

Directed by Primetime Emmy®** Award nominee John Stockwell (INTO THE BLUE, CRAZY/BEAUTIFUL) and featuring Cam Gigandet (EASY A, NEVER BACK DOWN), Freddy Rodriguez (GRINDHOUSE, HARSH TIMES), Hip-Hop star Alvin ‘Xzibit’ Joiner (DERAILED) and reuniting TV’s PRISON BREAK Robert Knapper (TRANSPORTER 3) and William Fichtner (THE DARK KNIGHT, BLACK HAWK DOWN), CODE NAME: GERONIMO is a non-stop thriller filled with intense action as Navy Seal Team 6 realise they personally have the chance to eliminate the most reviled enemy of the United States.

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