Casey Labow and Amadou Ly to Attend Eternal Twilight 9


We are very pleased to announce that Casey LaBow will be joining us at Eternal Twilight 9!  Casey plays Kate, one of the Denali sisters, in Breaking Dawn Parts 1 & 2!
We are pleased to announce that Amadou Ly will be joining us for Eternal Twilight 9!

Amadou plays Henri in Breaking Dawn Part 2. Henri is the leader of the French Coven and is ordered by Aro to witness the punishment he intends to lay on the Cullens. During the final battle Henri is seen working with the Volturi trying to kill Bella. However, Benjamin opens a sinkhole in the ground which the guards fall into and Bella then frees herself from Henri’s grip and kicks him in also!

You can find out more information about the convention on the Eternal Twilight 9 website.

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