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I don’t take much notice of critic comments on the covers of books but after finding it so hard to move on from reading The Twilight Saga I saw a book with Stephenie Meyer’s name on it. Well that did it, if The Mortal Instruments was a world that she wanted to live in, I could certainly stand to watch from the sidelines.

Admittedly, City of Bones sat on my coffee table for a week before I opened it up then something strange happened. The real world ceased to exist and within 2 chapters I was sucked into the world of Shadowhunters and other fantasy beings courtesy of author Cassandra Clare. I mean, who needs to eat and wear clean clothes, totally overrated right?

So, what is it about?

Clary Fray is a seemingly ordinary 15 year old girl who lives with her single mother Jocelyn. Clary comes across as a bit stubborn and is blind to the fact that her best friend Simon is in love with her. But she’s caring and protective of her friends regardless. She is described as having green eyes and curly red hair and sees herself as a child like version of her mother and believes she is no great beauty.

One night, Clary and Simon decide to go out to an all age’s club called ‘Pandemonium’. Whilst there, Clary sees two mysterious young men, one being Jonathan Christopher “Jace” Wayland/Morgenstern/Herondale/Lightwood – lets’ just call him Jace Wayland – with strange knives attempt to kill another ‘blue haired boy’ after he is lured by the beauty of a dark haired girl into a storage room. The twist? No one else can see them but her and this is because Clary isn’t just a normal human girl. We soon find out that Clary is in fact a descendant of the Shadowhunters, half angel warriors and the blue haired boy isn’t the innocent that Clary first believes he is.

Despite the circumstances of their meeting, Clary and Jace are immediately drawn to each other but the relationship is not easy, another twist that will make you think, ‘’Oh my, she (Clare) did not go down that road’’! But indeed she did and as much as the story of the ancient battle the Shadowhunters are embroiled in to unseeingly protect our world from the demons will have you enthralled, the story of Clary and Jace is one that will have you on tenterhooks from the get go.

Last month, I was privileged to visit the set of City of Bones in Toronto, Canada. Although I can’t tell you what I saw during my visit just yet, the teaser trailer shows that Cassandra Clare’s description of the world of the Shadowhunters is pretty spot on!

So why should you get into The Mortal Instruments? Well that’s an easy one. It’s got everything you would have loved about all your favourite fantasy fiction novels like; the magic of Harry Potter, the romance of Twilight, the good vs evil of Lord of the Rings and it’s funny. Jace is the King of the one liner and Clary gives as good as she gets but at the same time he’s a hopeless romantic even when Clary tests his patience. You will fall a little in love with Jace, be a tad jealous of Clary but overall pray that they overcome the odds against them.

‘’There is no pretending,” Jace said with absolute clarity. “I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there is life after that, I’ll love you then.”

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