Bill Condon Reveals Breaking Dawn Part 2 Deleted Scene for DVD

So have you been wondering what Bill Condon will be adding to the Breaking Dawn Part 2 DVD well in a new interview speaking to Movieline, Bill Condon revealed some of the scenes that didn’t quite make it to the theatrical cut.

“I know fans of the novel are going to be disappointed in this, but Garrett has a big speech on the field, during which the mist comes at him and Bella stops it. It was great to do, and Lee Pace was amazing, but we spent almost a half hour on that field and to spend another five minutes doing something that was a kind of repeat of what she’d already done with Jane’s pain,” he explained. “That was a shame, that was cut. And a couple of other scenes — we did a ‘Bella training to fight’ scene, and that was fun. It’ll be on the DVD. But it just came at the wrong time. Again, it seemed a little redundant of her learning how to use her shield.”


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