Fan Reactions to The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

This morning on our facebook chat group, I asked fans to tell me what they thought about the movie in one spoiler free sentence, here’s what they said –

Kayleigh Demmon  – A complete mind €$#%! Perfect!

Rita Udeshi Mistry –  Mind blowing epic – It made me laugh, cry and fall in love with the characters even more. A beautiful ending to the most loved saga

Michelle Tolley – Mind blowing perfect ending to a beautiful love story!

Elaine Pilkington – Breaking dawn 2 has everything, romance, humour & shock value making it a perfect ending to the saga.

Olivia Gow – It was a beautiful conclusion to our beloved saga 🙂

Clare ‘Twilighter Tilly’ Easton -The ultimate finale for the saga, mind blowing, shocking and emotional. EPIC

Kerensa Sprigg Was Hall – Emotional, beautiful, gripping everything I hoped for and more! 🙂 xx

Sarah Mott – An emotive experience touching so many feelings. I was both ecstatic and exhausted, what a journey, changed my life.

Holly MiniAlice Miles – A whirlwind of emotions, the perfect ending.

Eternally Cullen – The perfect ending to our forever.

Kirsty Sebine – A beautiful rollercoaster of emotions! Forever ♥

Sue Arnold – Just Brilliant………

Rachel Boyd-Glamglass Gifts – Genius ending that will stay with us all forever!

Marianne Alice Fremstad  – An amazingly emotionel journey to an epic ending

Shona Joanna Simmons – A journey that makes you happy, sad, excited and shocked all in two hours, an amazing experience that will stay with you forever.

Jean Hope – Epic emotional just about every emotion you could through in the few hours it was on screen

Just loved every min 🙂 xx

Dawn Trivett – I don’t use this word normally but this movie deserves it EPIC – it also had the power to make many,many women gasp at the same time lol

Moya Muldowney – Breaking Dawn part 2 is a gripping showcase of love, humour, and intense emotion – a thrilling finale to the Saga that we’ve journied with since the very beginning!

Beverley Conway – BD2 – Best way to finish a fantasic set of films and books, laughs and tears best way to spend 12 hours with my mum. xx

Dianna Bennett – A timeless love story that lasts forever.

Emma Dewhirst – Everything we had hoped for and more!

Andrea Fischer – The last movie was a blast – amazing ideas of Bill Condon an epic final for a great saga. You can laugh and you can cry absolutely worth to see!!!

Juliette Coleman – A fantastic conclusion which had you gasping in horror then sighing with relief with a beautiful and emotional ending xxx

Debbie Mecham – Breaking Dawn Part 2 was nothing short of amazing. SImple.

Siobhan McKeown – Breaking Dawn is amazing 🙂 you never want it to end 🙁 xx

Lydia Helena Gonzalez – Most SHOCKING experience ever at cinema! 🙂

Stuart Chubb – An emotional rollercoaster that will have you begging for more.

Liz Cross-Embury – An amazing end to an epic saga! 🙂

Kerry Mitchell – Omg! Fantastic most def worth the wait! Xx

Lauren Chandler – An emotional way to end the saga, the last emotion I felt though was definitely proud and happy <3

Louise White – Amazing, will play on all of your emotions and leave you breathless at the end, it is the perfect way to end the Saga.

Sharon Duncan – Emotional. nail biting on the edge of my seat bamboozled there has got to be more it cannot be the end Loved it.


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