Breaking Dawn Part 2 Exclusive Interview: Caroline Chats with Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed

Ahead of the release of the final part of The Twilight Saga, that being Breaking Dawn Part 2, Dublin played host to two of its stars, Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed who play Emmet and Rosalie respectively. After taking time to sample our finest export – Guinness – I sat down with the fictional couple to talk all things Twilight. One thing we have to point out is the distinct lack of clarity on my end; technical issues, y’know yourself. Anyway it’s not me you’ll want to hear, it’s them. Even without sound at all, they’d be pretty just to look at. And please forgive me for my very obvious fawning; Kellan Lutz had just told me I smelled good and that he like my eyes and the fact that I didn’t fall off my chair altogether was a miracle. #Swoon.

Click here to see the interview.

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