UK Twilight Exclusive!! We Talk to Peter Facinelli about Breaking Dawn Part 2

Back in August, Peter Facinelli did a quick pit stop in the UK and I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to chat with him about Breaking Dawn Part 2. Those who submitted questions might recognise them, but on the whole Peter just talks and talks so I just went with the flow!! Enjoy!


  1. avatarSkittle

    A-MAZ-ING!!! Great interview Elaine.. Dead proud!! x

    1. avatarElaine (Post author)

      Awww thanks Emma…so nervous posting this up today!

  2. avatarDonna seerkissoon

    brilliant interview Elaine!

  3. avatarVicki

    You did an awesome job honey, well done!! *hugs* …

    P.s. you’re right, he looked delicious!! lol

  4. avatarJean

    Great interviwe Elaine you did an amazing job
    And you were right he looks so yummy you
    Should so proud of this xxxx

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