New Face Friday Interview – Toni Trucks

Here’s part of the next in the series of ‘New Face Friday’ interviews given by new Breaking Dawn Part 2 cast members. This is also the first time we are seeing the promo shot of Toni Trucks in her role of Mary!

Q: There’s not a whole lot of information on your character in the books, so did you have any conversations with Stephenie [Meyer] or even with Melissa Rosenberg, or did you get to build a lot for yourself?

Toni: We did get to build a lot. I did pull Stephenie aside – I think a lot of us did – and Stephenie was, I mean, how rare to have contact with the writer right there every day with us, so it was such a treat. But she really gave us the freedom to create the characters that we needed to do the daily work, with the disclaimer that what we needed to do to get the work done may be different than what would possibly end up in like the ultimate Twilight Guide and stuff like that. So, she definitely prepared us for that, but she gave us the freedom … She told us what she had written and then gave us the freedom to do whatever we wanted to do, and I remember at the time when I spoke to her, she was like Edi Gathegi’s the perfect example because she had written pages and pages of his back-story, and he’s going to be really surprised when the Guide comes down. It’s totally different, but you know you kind of have to marry what’s written and then you have to do your job.

Q: What can you tell us about Mary, can you describe her?

Toni: Sure! The thing I loved most about Mary is it’s such a treat when you get introduced to all of these new vampires, and a majority of them are coming in pairs. You know, they’ve got their mates. And even though you have Peter and Charlotte within the nomad family, our coven is not really a coven. We don’t travel around together, we truly are nomadic. I love that Mary … comes of her own volition. She doesn’t have any real prior relationship, and when her job is done there … You know, she’s not going to come back for Christmas. That’s not Mary’s M.O. And the whole idea of this like family unit for Mary is really foreign. And so she truly is a nomad. She is a wanderer. She doesn’t need to sleep in the same bed every night. But you know she is one of their strongest friends so ended up valuable.

Q: Mary comes upon Randall – they’re not coming together, they kind of meet up – I’m curious will we get to see any of that, or is it kind of going to be you guys showing up together? Because you guys are nomads, you are generally on your own…

Toni: It’s so tricky, right? Because you guys have already read the books. So, there’s so much of that which is going to be interesting … what those tiny wonderful details that the people that are so intimate with the books are going to be looking for. I can’t really speak to what will ultimately end up in there, my guess is as good as yours really, so I guess we’ll just have to all wait and see together!

Q: Now you were a fan before, correct?

Toni: I was. I hadn’t read the books, so maybe you guys will shun me for calling myself a fan, but I had seen the movies and I loved them. I was totally … I love going into the movie and then just giving yourself over to it, not to ask a lot of questions and be like ‘Well that could never happen,’ that’s not my thing. I’m along for the ride, I’m in it, I want to be transported. I want to be along for the ride for however long the movie is, and I really enjoyed the Twilight Saga right from the start.

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