See Maggie Grace as Kim in ‘Taken 2’ out October 4th

Bryan Mills, the retired CIA agent, stopped at nothing to save his daughter Kim from Albanian kidnappers. The father of one of the kidnappers has sworn revenge and takes Bryan and his wife hostage during their family vacation in Istanbul. Bryan enlists his daughter to help them escape.

MAGGIE GRACE (Kim) reprises the role of Kim Mills, Bryan’s daughter, in TAKEN 2. She originated the role in the surprise hit Taken, released in 2008.

Grace is no stranger to franchise pictures, having recently completed work on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, released in two parts. Earlier this year, she starred in Lockout, an action-thriller toplining Guy Pearce.

Grace has had notable roles in the independent films The Experiment opposite Adrien Brody; The Jane Austen Book Club opposite Maria Bello, Kathy Baker and Emily Blunt; Flying Lessons with Cary Elwes; and Relative Insanity, opposite Helen Hunt and John Slattery.

Other recent film credits include Knight and Day and Faster.

Perhaps best known for her role as Shannon Rutherford on ABC’s ground-breaking television series Lost, Grace joined the show from its inception in 2004, remaining one of its stars during the first two seasons, and then re-joining the series for the final season in 2010.

Kim was a passive victim in the first film, but in TAKEN 2 it’s clear the interim two years have changed her. Under the tutelage of her father, she’s developed some of his instincts and is much better equipped to cope with the crisis that develops during their family reunion in Istanbul.   “She’s her father’s daughter, and she’s finding out what she’s capable of,” says Grace. “In the first film, Kim was young and naive and didn’t know much about the real world,” adds Megaton. “But something incredible happened to her, and she reconstructed herself. She has matured. She doesn’t want to be passive again.”

“The writers were really wonderful in how they approached the new story,” says Maggie Grace. “It retains all the elements that worked so well in Taken, and then expands upon them.  Bryan, Kim and Lenore are fighting to survive – and for each other.”

Director of photography Romain Lacourbas, enhanced the vivid palette of these stunning locations. “You could almost touch the light and it would change hue,” says Neeson.  “And there are shots where you see the whole city laid out in front of you.” Adds Maggie Grace: “Being given carte blanche to see behind the scenes of this incredible city, you can literally feel its history.”

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