Mia Maestro & Christian Camargo Breaking Dawn Dance Rehearsal

How great would it be to see the rehearsal videos from all of the cast? Let’s keep our fingers crossed for extras on that final DVD!

Choreographer, Paul Becker who is a protege of Kenny Ortega and was in the movie adaptation of Chicago recently gave an interview to Broadway world where he told the reporter how he ended up being in the wedding scene!


strong>PC: You appear at the memorable wedding in TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN PART 1, do you not?

PB: [Laughs.] Yes. Actually, it was really funny – as you know, Bill Condon, the director, wrote CHICAGO and so he brought me in to choreograph TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN PART 1 and PART 2. And, so, I showed up on set and we were all having a good time, and, then, when I showed up on set for the last day of filming, where we were doing the big wedding scene, and I go into my trailer and I find there is a suit there. So, I say to the AD, “Why is there a suit in there?” and, she says, “Bill Condonwants you to get into wardrobe.” And, I say, “What?! What do you mean ‘wardrobe’?!” And, so I put on the suit and I go onset and Bill is there and he puts his arm around me and says, “I got you in CHICAGO and now I’m gonna put you in this one.” And, so, he put me in the scene.


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