Page to Premiere Interview with Judi Shekoni!

Page to Premiere (formerly His Golden Eyes) recently spoke briefly to actress Judi Shekoni who we will see in Breaking Dawn Part 2 as the Amazonian vampire, Zafrina.

His Golden Eyes’ staffer, Amy, recently had a chance to briefly speak with the stunning Judi Shekoni (Zafrina) at Latinos Laugh Out Loud, which featured the world premiere of fellow “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” cast member, Marisa Quinn’s, new sitcom, “Sweet Mary and Jane.”

His Golden Eyes (HGE): Judi, congratulations – we saw you in Entertainment Weekly this week. It’s the first time we have seen Zafrina. What’s the reaction you have gotten to this first look at the character?

Judi Shekoni: It’s been amazing. I’m quite active on twitter and facebook and everyone has been saying really good things and that I look right for character and that they love the costumes – so completely positive. It makes me even more excited for the movie to come out.

HGE: We saw in the pictures that you were with Tracey (Heggins, who plays Senna) and Mackenzie (Foy, who plays Renesmee). What was it like working with them on set?

Judi: It was awesome. Mackenzie is so sweet and just one of the best brought up girls that I’ve ever been around. Her mom was just amazing. She was so well behave and polite and generous. It made me want to have children. And Tracey is awesome. We were just like sisters during the whole shoot and we got along so well. We made lots of socializing time and we talked about our characters. I was really blessed to have two beautiful women around me.

HGE: What was it like coming into Breaking Dawn, Part 2 with some of the cast having already been in several of the movies and the arriving with all these new vampires?

Judi: They treated us completely like family and they really took care of us and took us under their wings. They were like get onboard and just helped us as much as possible. They made it so much easier that we were really blessed to have people who have already been through the experience to be able to show us how.

HGE: How were the red contacts?

Judi: The contacts weren’t too bad for me. I’ve worn contact lenses before and so wearing them with the coloring really wasn’t that different. But it was quite weird that you lost some of your peripheral vision so you could only see kind of straight on. But in a strange way I kind of liked it and it helped me get further into character because it was kind of an animalistic quality. It was interesting.

HGE: Will we see you at Comic Con in a few weeks?

Judi: I don’t know.

HGE: Well we hope we do. It was great to meet you.

Judi: Thank you for being so supportive. You can follow me on twitter @JudiShekoni.

If you don’t already like Judi on Facebook, head on over there right now 😉 HERE!

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