Bella’s Wedding Dress Can Be Yours (Sewing skills required)

So a lot of you may have watched the wedding in Breaking Dawn and decided you wanted Bella’s Wedding dress. You may have also seen that a replica was for sale for $800. We also did a post a while ago about one of our admin making her own. But now you can make your own Bella wedding dress too.

Butterick have finally released a Bella Swan wedding dress pattern. There are a few differences between Bella’s actual dress and the pattern such as there only being five panels in the front of the pattern instead of Bella’s nine panels, but with some effort you could alter the pattern yourself to add these extra panels. The pattern includes the outcut for back and sleeves meaning you can add the correct lace just like Bella’s and also the opening on the sleeves for the buttons.

The pattern is Butterick 5779 but is somewhat limited and in some cases only available in the USA.

If you need any help with this dress our admin who has made the dress has offered her help and can be contacted on her Facebook page Naurarwen Cosplay. Also linked on her Facebook page is the link to her blog showing the progress of her own dress. Please be aware that her dress was made before an official pattern was released.

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