Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Storyboard Sneak Peek!

As we all know Breaking Dawn – Part 1 has been out on DVD and Blu-ray for a while now, and you all probably own more than one copy right?  But have you watched the DVD in full including special features?  I haven’t… fact I’ve been a very bad Twilighter and I hate to confess I haven’t even taken the wrapping off the DVD!  🙁  I know I know bad kitty bad!

Anyway, French Twilight Saga fansites Breaking Dawn Forever and Twilight Vef France have watched the DVD in full and they found a hidden Easter Egg in the DVD extras for Breaking Dawn – Part 1…..a sneak peek at the script and storyboard for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

As you can see in the screencaps below it would appear that  a hunting scene with Bella as well as her much anticipated arm-wrestling scene with Emmett could in fact be included in BDpt2…

Is it November yet?


Thanks to Jo for the tip!



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