‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1’ Blu-ray Disc Error…
Typo is to blame…

So as most of you are aware some content that was listed on the back cover of the highly anticipated ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1Blu-ray appeared to be missing from the actual disc.  We contacted E One Entertainment, the disc distributers, and asked what was up and why was the content missing.  Below is the reply that we received…

It has been bought to our attention that there is a type error on the sleeve for Breaking Dawn Part 1 Blu Ray (Cat # SUM51541, UK only). Listed under the Special Features is a feature entitled ‘Filming The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1: A New Beginning, The Wedding, The Honeymoon’. This does not appear on the disc.

If you wish to view the extra feature, please send your proof of purchase and postal address to ukinfo@entonegroup.com . A DVD of the special feature ‘Filming The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1: A New Beginning, The Wedding, The Honeymoon’ will be sent you free of charge. This will be available for posting from Wednesday 21st March and this opportunity is available until 30th June 2012.

Apologies for any problems this may cause.

So it would seem that an error in printing the Blu-ray sleeve is to blame and the content was never meant to be included on the Blu-ray discs.  🙁

As they say above if you would like to view the missing content then please email ukinfo@entonegroup.com with your your proof of purchase (scan or snap a pic of your receipt, or forward your online receipt from Amazon or whomever, I assume, and attach it to an email) and your postal address and they will then send you a dvd.  This offer expires 30th June 2012!  So be quick!

Please remember to credit UK Twilight as your source if you share this article or any information from it. We spend a lot of time and effort posting articles and would ask that an acknowledgement is reflected when you post a story that you may have found from us. We of course will do the same as common courtesy. Thank you.



  1. avatarNicola

    Has anyone heard anything from entertainment one? or do you think we’ll just get a disc in the post?

    1. avatarElaine (Post author)

      I personally haven’t heard anything, but I’m assuming they will just send the disks out to those who claimed them

  2. avatarSally Tomlinson

    I’ve been wondering this aswell..I’ve emailed them twice now and still heard nothing….

    1. avatarElaine (Post author)

      I’m staying with my previous answer, I bet they don’t contact anyone individually!

  3. avatarJo

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they have been deluged with requests for the free dvd and so probably wont bother to email confirmation to anyone individually. I am just hoping my disc will appear in the post some time soon!

  4. avatarNicola

    My dvd arrived today..so you should get one if you emailed them.

  5. avatarJo

    My dvd arrived yesterday and I never had any email confirmation from them. So they should all be arriving soon.


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