Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed
“Now That I’ve Found You” Official Music Video

Here at UK Twilight we love the work of Glass Jar Photography (or at least I do anyway!  If the rest of them don’t then they must be blind!) and follow their work on facebook.  So when I came across their latest work I couldn’t wait to show you.

Courtesy of Glass Jar Photography’s website, below is the 1st official video for newly weds and musical duo, Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald.

From Glass Jar Photography

When they contacted us with the idea of the shoot we knew it was a perfect match of styles. So, the day before they flew in to shoot we found an amazing field on the top of a hill by Ragsdale Cemetery in Madison County Alabama (after driving around forever), as well as some land that a very sweet friend let us borrow to play around on an old beat up VW beetle. Their chemistry is so sweet and magical that the filming process really directed itself (“Ya’ll just cuddle up some more and keep doing that” was the constant saying) It was like we were just shooting an engagement session or something but to a soundtrack…it was so much fun.

We’re excited for them, and can’t wait to see what’s next for their futures……make sure you support these two love-birds and kind hearted people by not only watching/sharing the video, but buying the song on iTunes too!!

To see the rest of the stunningly beautiful shots that were taken whilst the video rolled head over to Glass Jar Photography. com

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