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This is not Twilight related it is just something that we feel that we should share.  It may not be suitable for all so please read with caution.  We do not intend to scare or upset anyone, but we strongly feel that this should be shared.

Whilst browsing Facebook today we at UK Twilight noticed a video floating around all of our news feeds.  Out of curiosity we all clicked the link to watch it and were shocked at the content and in disbelief that something had not already been done to put an end to the goings on that the video documents.

If you are like us you are now curious too and hopefully you will take the time to watch the video below and then take some action yourself by sharing it and hopefully signing the pledge to take action as well.

Please note this video contains scenes that some may find disturbing.  We do not recommend that our followers under the age of 14 watch it, unless they have parental consent.

To those of you that haven’t taken half an hour to watch the video I will attempt to break it down for you so you can understand why we need to spread the word and take some action to stop things like this happening in our time.

Joseph Kony is a WAR CRIMINAL.

Joseph Kony leads a violent cult called the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA)This cult has no purpose apart from to retain the power that he has built up over the years.  It does not stand for anything.  It does not fight for a cause.

Joseph Kony abducts CHILDREN from their homes and forces them to become child soldiers.  He forces them to murder and mutilate people, including their parents.  This is not all.

(We will not detail the rest as that in itself should be enough to shock you in to realising what kind of man he is.)

Joseph Kony is #1 on the International Criminal Court’s indicted list.  He has remained at large for more than two decades.

Joseph Kony has been actively committing these crimes for the past 26 YEARS or more.  He has abducted over 30, 000 children and displaced 440, 000 people from their homes.

This needs to end.

You are probably asking yourself about now, what does this have to do with me?  And your question is valid.  If you have watched the video you will know the answer.

If not then it’s simple; the aim of the KONY 2012 campaign is to arrest Joseph Kony so that he can be tried for his crimes in an international court.  The US government has sent in a small number of forces to try and capture this man, however he has changed his tactics and still eludes them.

KONY 2012 is a year-long campaign about making Joseph Kony famous.  The aim isn’t to glorify him and/or his horrendous acts, but rather to make his atrocities consistently talked about amongst mainstream media.  Few know his name.  Even fewer know his crimes.  This year the campaign will make Joseph Kony famous.  Because when he is, the world will unite for justice and demand his arrest.

Along with screening this new documentary KONY 2012, they are targeting 20 cultural makers and 12 policy makers. When they speak, the world listens. And when they agree, change happens.


2012 is the year this war must end.  With the U.S. Advisory Troops currently on the ground in Central Africa, it’s more important than ever to unite for justice and remind President Obama and Congress that we stand behind their actions to help end this conflict once and for all.

You are still asking how you can help right?  Especially as you’re probably reading this in the UK.  It’s easy.

All you have to do is spread the word by sharing the video and showing YOUR support for action against this sorry excuse for a man.  Once you have watched the video and know a little more about it share it on Facebook, on Twitter (using #KONY2012 or #StopKony2012 and #MakeKonyFamous), anywhere you can to get the message out.  You can also sign the pledge to stop this man.  Basically we need to show the world that we support the action to find and capture this him.

On April 20th an event is being taken called ‘Blanket the night’ where for one night, and one night only, groups will blanket cities in the US with posters to raise awareness and show their support for this cause.  For a few hours on April 20th/21st UK Twilight will also show it’s support by blanketing the site with a poster to show our support for this cause.

We need change and we need it to happen now.  Take a small step to educate the world that we do not support this man in our time.  KONY 2012 – Stop at nothing.

For more information on this go to www.kony2012.com

You can also donate HERE if you would like.

Or buy merchandise to support the cause HERE

But most importantly…

Sign the pledge HERE or HERE


 Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Please remember to credit UK Twilight as your source if you share this article or any information from it. We spend a lot of time and effort posting articles and would ask that an acknowledgement is reflected when you post a story that you may have found from us. We of course will do the same as common courtesy. Thank you.


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