Eternal Twilight 7

This weekend past saw the penultimate Eternal Twilight convention in the UK. That’s right, the next to last one. October will see the very last UK convention run by Showmasters and already the fans are in mourning. After being given the sad news that plans to run an official convention had been shelved after Lionsgate took over Summit earlier this year, the organisers announced that Eternal Twilight 8 will be the end. However, they also announced that Peter Facinelli, Alex Meraz, Gil Birmingham, Justin Chon and Daniel Cudmore were already signed up to attend. Eternal Twilight 7 was by far the smallest convention as far as attendees was concerned. At it’s height, there were 1200 people filling the halls of the Hilton in Birmingham against the 400 that did so last weekend. The rising popularity of the cast members combined with the lower number of attendees was the catalyst for Showmasters decision to call it a day. Despite this, I am sure that all of us who intend to be there in October will make sure the guests will remember their UK fans with fondness when they look back on their Twilight days.

Anyway, enough of the moroseness (is that even a word?), these are some of the high points of this weekend.

Myanna Buring:  Myanna, wow what a stunningly beautiful woman she is and she had the audience hanging on her every word. When recounting her story of how she got the role of Tanya, she told us that she only sent in an audition tape, then heard nothing. When she heard that she had indeed been cast, she sat for a while since she was on her own then proceeded to jump up and down in her flat in London!

Noel Fisher:  He  was definitely a hit with the ladies. This was his first con and first visit to the UK. I was one of the first at his signing on Saturday morning and to say he was nervous would be a understatement. However, you would never have known by this had you seen him at the talks or at the party on Saturday night where he chatted and posed for pictures with fans like an old pro. One of the best bits was seeing him do a couple of ‘party tricks’. Rolling ones eye lids back is rather gross and that thing he did with his hands…still can’t do it myself!

Bronson Pelletier:  Always a bit of a flirt and a consumate partier, never one to shy away from enjoying himself. His interaction with the fans is always great to see and he even went to dinner with a group on Sunday evening – alone, without any security…brave boy!

BooBoo Stewart:  I’d say I left the best til last because really, for such a young lad, Booboo is so mature and well grounded. Accompanied by his parents this time around (both absolutely wonderful people), he spent hours at both the Friday and Saturday night parties talking to fans and giving them lots of opportunities to have their photos taken with him. He didn’t say no to anyone. At his signing sessions, he sat in front of the table and gave every single person a hug, used their names and made an effort to chat with everyone. In the talks he was confident beyond his years and spoke with pride about his work on the up and coming movie, White Frog! However, the ultimate high light for most was during a quiz session when he was asked to act out a scene from a Twilight movie taking on a different character. He interpretation of Bella Swan was spot on and absolutely hilarious. Sadly, because of the rules of the convention, we were unable to video any footage of this but trust me when I say, it made the weekend for many.

Other high lights were the party bus on Friday night and the appearance of the timber wolves used in the promotion of the release of New Moon in the UK on Saturday.

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  1. avatarlisa

    et7 was totally amazing, cant wait for et8 in october 🙂

  2. avatarPwincessHanHan

    232 days to the last one!!!! Get the hankies out Elaine will be crying for the WHOLE time!!!! Sorry I can’t lend you any of my photos, laptop has gone kaput and can’t get into anything to get them loaded. Love you guys – was lovely getting a chance to really have a good ole chinwag with Elaine on Saturday night (through the tears I might add). Such a loving, sweet, warm person!

    1. avatarElaine (Post author)

      Don’t start Hannah!! It killed me trying to write this post without sobbing ….again! Such a sap I tell ya!!

  3. avatarJean

    What a fantastic weekend we had and this was my first event Noel and BooBoo
    Were fantastic got so many hugs lost count, didn’t get to talk to
    Bronson & Mayan only managed a little chat at at the signeings
    Can’t wait for October 12-14 th 2012


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