Metro: 60 Seconds With Taylor Lautner (If only!)

Heart-throb actor Taylor Lautner, 20, is best known for playing werewolf Jacob in the Twilight films. Here he talks to Metro about adventure film Abduction, out now on DVD, what it was like working with Sigourney Weaver and die-hard fans.

Taylor Lautner

What’s the film about?

It’s about a high-school teenager who seems to be living a normal life, until he finds a picture of himself on a  missing persons’ website and discovers his life is a lie. Then he goes on the run and tries to stay alive while uncovering his true identity.

Was it essential to the plot to take your top off in the second scene?

Definitely not. The first time I read the script there was certainly more than one shirtless scene but I said: ‘This needs to make sense for the character.’ The only time it seemed to make sense was in that scene.
Do people respect you for your acting talents or are they still mesmerised by your pecs? I don’t know. I hope they respect  me as an actor, which is why I try to challenge myself. I did Abduction because it is different to anything I’ve done before.

Which actors do you admire?

Actors such as Tom Cruise, Matt Damon and Denzel  Washington. I respect the variety of roles they’ve played throughout their careers.  If you look at the span of Tom Cruise’s  career, he can’t have challenged himself more. I’d like to do a great drama piece, a comedy, a love story, a wide variety of genres and roles. Comedy has always interested me. I was in Valentine’s Day and hosted Saturday Night Live and I did funny skits for the MTV awards. When I do those fun comedy things, it’s me being myself, which I love.

What was it like working with Sigourney Weaver on this film?

A huge  honour. I never thought I’d have the opportunity to work with someone like Sigourney Weaver – she’s hugely talented, as are  other people in the cast such as Jason Isaacs and Alfred Molina. It was most important for me to observe how great they are as people: they’re so nice and hard working I couldn’t have asked for anything more from them. I remember the first day filming with Sigourney; I was a little bit intimidated but I got over that quickly when I found out how awesome she is.

What do you think of Jason Isaacs’s performance in the  Harry Potter films?

I haven’t seen all the Harry Potter films but he’s pretty freaky in them. What I loved about him in this is it’s different for him – we don’t often see him as being a funny parent who can kick some butt.

Will you be relieved when Twilight finally finishes?…..


Oh we’re mean aren’t we 😉  lol!  To find out the answer to the last question above head over to The Metro and read the rest of the interview!

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