Stephenie Meyer’s Bizarre Year

Hey everybody!

I know it’s been a long time—way, way too long—since I updated my site personally. 2011 was a bizarre, lovely, and insane year and I didn’t spend nearly enough time where I should be—here at my keyboard.

Since I’ve been M.I.A. so long, I thought I would do a little “my summer vacation” essay for those who are interested—though it’s really a “my last whole year away making movies” essay, with occasional camera phone illustrations.

I’m going to break this down into three separate pages, as my time has been spread across a few different projects. Click the links to visit the pages you’re interested in:

Thanks so much for your always amazing support and general awesomeness!


Summery of the posts:

  • The host begins filming Monday (13th February 2012).
  • Stephenie will be back at her desk writing in May.
  • Stephenie’s favorite picture is now a photo of herself and Carolina Herrera.
  •  Breaking Dawn Part Two is currently in the process  of having it’s special fx completed.
  • During the storm at the Honeymoon set Stephenie spent the night on the stair landing, sharing an old mattress covered in blackout fabric with the set photographer, set publicist, and the EPK team.
  • One of Stephenie’s favorite Breaking Dawn moments was seeing Kristen try on Bella’s wedding dress for the first time.
  • Stephenie spent some of her summer in Buckinghamshire as part for the Production team for ‘Austenland’



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