12 Minutes in Heaven with Georges Duroy

After two years of military service in northern Africa, ex-sergeant Georges Duroy lives in poor conditions in Paris. Willing to escape his narrow, dirty room in a suburban neighborhood, by all means necessary. Increasingly, unscrupulous, he uses influential and wealthy women comrades for his promotion to the metropolitan crowd of late 19 Century. With ice-cold calculation he storms the power positions of colonial speculators and at the same time looking for amorous adventures to luxury establishments of the nouveau riche. It seems that Paris was waiting with his political, moral and erotic questionable goings on him alone.

The German website N24 debuted 12 minutes of footage of ‘Bel Ami’ this week, watch the clips below and let us know what you think.

Bel Ami is in UK cinemas 9th March 2012.
Running time:102m 30s
Consumer Advice: Contains strong sex


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