Kristen Stewart in Welcome to the Riley’s UK DVD Release February 27th

Starring KRISTEN STEWART (Twilight saga, Into the Wild) JAMES GANDOLFINI (Sopranos) and Oscar Winner MELISSA LEO (The Fighter, Frozen).

After the death of their daughter eight years ago, the lives of Doug (James Gandolfini) and Lois (Melissa Leo) Riley have been derailed. Lois refuses to leave the house and Doug strays to the waitress in his local all-night diner.

While at a business convention in New Orleans Doug unwillingly stumbles across Mallory (Kristen Stewart), a young stripper struggling to get through life. This stirs his paternal instincts once more as he tries to help build a good life for Mallory, while seeking to reclaim his marriage with Lois.

 Directed by Jake Scott (son of Ridley), Welcome to the Rileys is a poignant story of lost souls searching for salvation

Welcome to the Riley’s is being released by High Fliers Film plc

Thanks to Tom at Blue Dolphin for the information.


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