Eternal Twilight 7 Updates

With just 11 days to go before Eternal Twilight 7 we thought it was about time we had a good update for this convention. Sadly after the recent cancellation of Christian Camargo – Eleazar Denali we have had another guest announced for Eternal Twilight in the form of another wolfpack favourtie Alex Meraz – Paul.

The guest list is now as follows

There are still tickets available for this convention and they range from £88 – £225 depending on which ticket you buy.

Standard Adult Programme at £88

Standard Child Programme at £29*

Silver Programme at £155 – Limited in Numbers!

Gold Programme at £225 – Limited to only 150!

More ticket information can be found here.

The party themes for Eternal Twilight are as follows:

Friday Night: Bella’s Hen Night and Wedding
Saturday Night: Volturi Ball
Sunday Night: Doctors and Nurses

You can dress to the themes or wear anything that takes your fancy. The choice is entirely yours. It is a known fact that at the Eternal Twilight parties we have seen everything including Cullen’s, Volturi, Wolves, residents of Mystic Falls, superheroes and even Shrek, Donkey and Fiona.

Eternal Twilight 7 looks like it will be yet another fun filled weekend. So if you haven’t got your ticket yet what are you waiting for.

Eternal Twilight 7 website

Eternal Twilight 7 forum

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  1. avatarVx

    This will be the last one for me, promises of bigger and better are continuously broken.

    Twilight is primarily a vampire story, it seems ME have forgotten this by producing repeat wolf guests time and time again ….. Two of which, are arrogant and crap guests.

    It would be nice to see a half decent vampire once in a while!

    I’m just waiting for Bewley to be announced to make this convention as predictable as the others …. Fail


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