‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1’ DVD Blooper: Birth Scene

From Moviefone.com

The drama in “Breaking Dawn Part 1” reaches its peak when Bella Swan gives bloody birth to her vampire-baby with Edward and Jacob taking turns trying to save her life, but don’t think filming that key scene was some dour operation. In this exclusive DVD/Blu-ray blooper, Bella, Edward and Jacob — better known as Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner — can’t keep a straight face during even the most dramatic moments.

“It ended up working,” Launter said about filming the scene — which included Jacob giving Bella CPR — “but it was funny in moments.” Indeed! Watch the clip above and make sure to get your hands on the “Breaking Dawn Part 1”


There are more DVD bloopers to come (I hear) so watch this space!



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