Edward Gets a New (and better!) Expression for New Breaking Dawn Artwork

So whilst browsing the wondrous world wide web I found this story which I thought was quite interesting.  Maybe that’s just me, but have a read and see what you think.

Take a look at the photo above.  Study it.  Now look at the one below.  Can you spot the difference?


No?  Really?  There’s a clue in the title for those of you that think there isn’t any.   Ok so here’s one more photo to point it out and make it easier for you…

You can see it now right?!  Edward has his smirk on!  Oh yes ladies!  The crooked half smile/not a smile smirk is there in the new artwork, and he actually looks HAPPY this time!  Rather than the stone cold marble face of the previous image.

Also notable is that his eye colour isn’t as dark and flat as before, his jaw has been sharpened and his cheeks hollowed out a little, as well as his hair being darkened and eyebrows to match.  Overall the palette has been muted and toned to fit in with a darker theme.

I much prefer this new image, after all you would think Edward would be happy in these shots as they’re in their honeymoon attire, so obviously he just married the love of his life (or existence, whichever term you prefer)!  I will admit though his shirt does now look like it needs a wash!

Not only has his expression been altered slightly, but some much needed shading has been added emphasising that mysterious aura and making him look much more chiselled and smouldering, like we all know he would be in person of course.  (Huh what’s that?  He isn’t real….?  Seriously??  He’s fictional??  Nooooooooo!!!! ….You’re kidding right??  No?  Really??  S.T.F.U!!!  *Goes off to sob in to her pillow*)

Below is the new image in all its glory.  Bella and Jacob are in it too I hear.  Oh and I just noticed Bella’s hair is more dimensional and less wig like…and she’s been shopping at Victoria’s Secret too by the looks of it!


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