Twilight Hotel is Gutted by Fire


This is so sad but we hope that the owners are able to get the hotel back to it’s former glory.

A hotel which features heavily in the Twilight films has been destroyed by a fire.

The View Point Inn, in Portland, Oregon, which has become a tourist hub for teenage fans after being used as the venue for the prom scene in the vampire blockbuster, had its top floor totally burned after it was engulfed by flames.

The landmark is now facing closure after its owner said he could not cover the costs to refurbish it.

Firefighters arrived at the scene shortly afterwards but by the time the flames were doused the building had been badly destroyed.

Owner Geoff Thompson said he was unsure whether the insurance they had would cover the damage. He said they had recently filed for bankruptcy and would not be able to fund refurbishment.

He told ‘I love the Inn, but I can’t do it by myself any more. If Oregon wants this inn and if people want this inn, everybody’s going to have to join in and save it because I just can’t do it my myself.’

Co-owner Angelo Simione added: ‘It just went up in smoke, and what was strange is it started low on the roof. It was not up at the top at all.’

Authorities said the fire was caused by sparks from the chimney landing on the cedar roof.

A wedding had been scheduled for the afternoon at the hotel but guests were sent home after the fire.

‘This is devastating,’ onlooker Betsy Lee said. ‘This is such a landmark. It’s very sad.’

Twilight fans were devastated by the damage to the landmark. Stephanie Marie Mcconaghy-Holman said: ‘This is so very sad.’

Kristin Solheim added: ‘Its always sad when Twilight landmarks are destroyed, but at least it wasn’t completely destroyed.’

The View Point Inn is the setting for the famous Twilight prom scene in which Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, is escorted to the party by vampire love interest Edward Cullen, played by British heartthrob Robert Pattinson.

Sourse -DailyMail

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