Michael Sheen Steals the Show at BAFTA Britannia Awards

Micael Sheen stole the show with his rather risque acceptance speech at this years BAFTA Britannia Awards show in LA. The following report contains some of Michaels ‘near the mark’ comments and some colourful language.

Quickly moving on, Carey Mulligan, last year’s BAFTA winner for Best Actress for “An Education,” provided the initial clip reel intro for British Artist of the Year recipient Michael Sheen. Most Americans have just recently started to recognize the actor best known for his roles in “Underworld,” “Frost/Nixon” and, yep, “The Twilight Saga New Moon.” Mulligan admitted she didn’t know Sheen personally (sort of odd that she was presenting to him), but was a huge fan of his work. After another well cut reel played, Sheen’s “New Moon” co-star Dakota Fanning appeared. Now, before we get to Sheen’s hilarious remarks, it’s got to be said that if you’re gonna reward someone with a prestigious honor it would be nice to have one of his presenters actually connect with him in a legitimate and noteworthy way. Is the “Twilight” connection that important for ratings on TV Guide Network? In fact, Fanning’s speech talked almost exclusively and in excruciating detail about her few days working with Sheen on “New Moon” and then — I can’t make this up –, their time together doing junket press together for the film. It was a fine speech for a 16-year-old (she no doubt wrote it), but unacceptable for an award like this. Sorry, truth hurts sometimes.

In any event, after thanking both ladies, Sheen tore the house down with a slew of one liners that couldn’t have been on any prepared speech beforehand. Intent on getting Fry, his “Wilde” co-star and longtime friend, to burst out laughing, it will be curious what TV Guide decides is suitable for airing on the edited show. Namely, after hosting the show and presenting for other winners, he joked, “I suspect they gave me this so I won’t keep showing up.” And as for Fanning and Mulligan, “I kept thinking they thought they were her to talk about Martin Sheen.” And then, he got to the famously out Fry, “The man I had my first screen kiss with.” Pause. “You never cease to engorge me.” Shocked laughter, but Sheen isn’t finished. “He was the first man to give me a swift buggering.” Huge laugh. Sheen then notes that his gay love scenes in “Wilde” sometimes hit him “like an acid flashback. I walk down the street and get an odd quiver [you know where].” At this point, the audience is dying, Fry is on the side laughing so hard he’s red faced and Fanning must be wondering what she got herself into on a school night. Keep your fingers crossed most of it, including much of what I missed, makes it on the final broadcast.

The rest of the article can be found here. Dakota Fanning was also at the ceremony.

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