UK Twilight’s Favourite Wolfmen

I honour of halloween, I thought I’d take a look at some of our favourites. Of course, some made the grade because it’s a cracking movie/show and the rest in their human bodies are just too damn hot to miss out!

Firtly, we have to start with Jacob Black. No gross out transformations for our Twilight werewolf!

Michael Sheen’s Lucian from the Underworld series is probably my favourite werewolf of all!

Who can forget Michael J Fox as Teen Wolf? Not exactly scary but he was so darn cute lol!

Professor Remus John Lupin from Harrt Potter! One of a best unscary transformations and who doesn’t have a soft spot for anything Harry Potter!

Oz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer! He used to terrify me, but he looks a bit tame now lol!!

Ok, so technically Wolverine isn’t a werewolf but like I said, he’s hot so he’s staying lol!

Dog Soldiers for me is one of the best werewolf movies to come out in years. It made me jump in a few places I can tell ya! And it’s Bristish!

American Werewolf in London was the first wolf movie to gross me out with the transformation. Still does in fact!

Benecia Del Toro’s Wolfman was a pretty pants movie, but he’s a fine looking man – yeah his wolf is damn ugly!

Russel Tovey as George in Being Human has to be one of my favourite characters of the decade! Gotta love poor old George getting caught naked after a night of transformation!

Anyone remember Big Wolf on Campus? I know I didn’t, but it was on the telly all the time!

Which on is your favourite?

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  1. avatarmike

    u guys are the coolest guys and girls of all time my name is mike by the way im all so a big werewolf fan keep up the good work


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