Eternal Twilight 4: Julia Jones

Some of the most hilarious moments in the talks came thanks to Julia Jones since she admitted that she has no filter between her brain and her mouth. This lead to no amount of innuendo and Chaske demonstrating that hilarious laugh of his! Julia is very sweet and has the most perfect skin ever lol!! Julia confirmed she starts filming Breaking Dawn at the end of November in Louisiana and in Vancouver in January.

She really is a gem amongst the wolf pack boys. Julia is happy to sit back and observe as the boys take the spot light and you can see she does this in a older sister kind of way. She was a lovely young lady to meet and I would love to meet her again.
Julia admitted to staying away from blog sites as she finds the negative press upsetting. I really can’t say how anyone can say one bad word about this lovely, polite and gorgeous young lady. I think she is the perfect Leah. – Debz

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