Eternal Twilight 4: Fan Photos

The amazing cosplayers including Sam ‘Edward’ Moden, Victoria ‘Alice’ Clark and Jemma ‘Rosalie’ Ashworth. It’s worth mentioning that Sam took the time and trouble to tape her lady bits under arms to get the full Edward effect! Ouch! Oh and she made her own robe!

May the force be with you, or the vodka! Debz and Laura have a bit of light sabre action at the Volturi Ball Saturday night! But they didn’t get to play all by themselves …..

Lucky Laura got up close and personal with Bronson Pelletier on Friday night. He took the time to pose for pics with lots of fans over the weekend as did a lot of the guests!

Probably one of my favourite fan pics of the entire weekend! Jemma Ashworth as Katy Perry for Sunday nights party with Chaske Spencer. He didn’t get his hands on her lolly but she did give him the candy cane she was holding!

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