Eternal Twilight 4: Fan Experiences

Picture of Bronson Pelletier with Jenny and Laura

Nadine Wileman
Paige (my daughter) and me were sat in the lounge tucking in to fish and chips when BooBoo came and sat on one side of us! Then Chaske and Gil came and sat the other side. I was so worried about getting in a mess or looking like a pig I couldn’t eat any more. Just after they’d taken our plates away the guests got their dinners and quite happily chomped away on burger and fish and chips – lol 🙂

Picture of Nadine and Paige sitting on the Volturi throne

Lauren Dobson
I had a great weekend. I always do when I’m there. They were some great guests! I love Leah so much shes a lovely girl and BooBoo is just the sweetest thing. Even with all the trouble it was the best weekend we’ve had so far.

Stephanie Alexandra
I was in the queue for autos with Booboo and I had a box of malteasers in my bad, I was going to give them to Booboo but was scared. My mum was before me in the queue and took them out saying she wouldn’t say anything and while I was talking to the person behind me she went up and gave them to BooBoo saying they were from me…. I went up to him and he was like ”oh thank you so much for these” and I was like ”’oh dont worry :)” and then he said ”Your mum said I can give you 2 hugs” and I was like ”haha!” it was really cute – he is only a year older than me :L

Kerrie Spencer

Bronson said my sore Throat and rough voice sounded sexy and he said I love your sexy raspy sound your hot *swoon* he even signed that on my picture my ‘sexy raspy yeah’ lol xc

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