Eternal Twilight 4: Leah Gibson

What an unexpected delight Leah Gibson turned out to be! She is so sweet and unassuming with the voice of an angel (yes she treated us to a little song). Leah, who came along with her boyfriend actor Mark Lutz who all Angel fans will know played the Grooselugg, was so lovely in her talks, autographs and during her photoshoots. I’m sure she must have ended the weekend with the worst writers cramp going judging by the lengths of the messages she was writing for everyone!

I must agree with Elaine, Leah was a surprising pleasure to meet. I expected her to be very quiet and shy however she is a bubbly, genuine girl who has a love for everything. She held her own with Gil and Charlie’s jokes and really had us all laughing. She mentioned cutting a single with Gil Birmingham for his new album, we’ll see if thats true soon enough. Such a lovely lady. – Debz

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