Eternal Twilight 4: Charlie Bewley

Charlie pulls some wonderful faces on that wonderful face of his don’t you think? He has buffed up quite a bit too since we last saw him at ET3. It was a lovely surprise having Charlie there as he was a last minute guest and didn’t arrive until Saturday afternoon.

When Jenny asked him what he was doing with regard to his physique, he said he was running which made him lose muscle so was having to bulk up in the gym. All the hard work is/was for the half iron man he has done in aid of Jocelyn Clarkes Fight Against Cancer.

Charlie also mentioned that he originally went for the role of Marcus which was eventually taken by Christopher Hayerdahl. He then went on to describe some rather funny attributes of Marcus that showed that the role was more suited to Hayerdahl than himself. If anyone can recall exactly what he said, let us know!

When I met Charlie I was waiting in line for a autograph and showed him my defaced wolf pack t-shirt (See Bronsons review soon) needless to say he valiantly restored my Volturi t-shirt back to its former glory by scrubbing out WOLF PACK and writing VOLTORIIGGGHHHHT! Or something along those lines! He then signed it. I will pop a picture up of this t-shirt soon and it will be going up soon for a lucky fan to win πŸ™‚ – Debz

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