Eternal Twilight 4: Booboo Stewart

Booboo was for me, the star of the weekend. What an absolute credit this young man is to his parents! I have so much to say about him from his confidence during the talks, to the way he treated his fans. In the autographs sessions where guests normally sit behind a desk, Booboo chose to stand in front so that he could talk properly to every single person and everyone of us left with a hug!  During the talks he told us that he loved Vampires Suck, he thought it was hilarious but wouldn’t be reinacting the ‘raining men’ segment anytime soon lol! Although it’s not normally allowed at these events, Booboo posed for pictures with groups of fans at the parties including my daughter and her friends. I hope to have that picture soon but I think it’s in a camera in Volterra at the moment lol! – Elaine

Booboo confirmed he starts filming Breaking Dawn in late November early December in Louisiana.

During the fan talks Booboo announced that his favourite actor of all time is Heath Ledger.

Booboo was a massive hit with everyone this weekend, I can honestly say he is the nicest 16 year old I have ever had the pleasure to meet. When I went to get my signature from him Elaine popped over to give him our business card and when he looked at it, I asked if he’d like me to sign it, he said yes so I did! lol. I could sit here all day saying how lovely he is so I will stop now by saying I truely look forward to seeing his performance in Breaking Dawn – Debz

Booboo was also handing out postcards of his new single with his sister Fivel, “You Don’t Know Me” which you can hear below. The song is available on itunes 🙂

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