Breaking Dawn Casting Update!

Starting with the Amazon Coven:

Tracey Heggins – Senna (Cold Case, Miami Medical, Brothers and Sisters)

Judi Sekoni as Zafrina ( Casualty, Brothers and Sisters and Eastenders as Precious)

The Egyptian Coven –

Omar Metwally as Amun (Rendition, Munich)

Andrea Gabrielle – Kebi (Lost, House)

Rami Malek – Benjamin (Night at the Museum , The Pacific)

Angela Sarafyan – Tia (Buffy, Love Hurts and The Good Guys)

The Irish Coven

Marlane Barnes – Maggie (The Tree of Life)

Lisa Howard – Siobhan

Patrick Brennan – Liam

The Romanian Coven

Noel Fisher – Vladimir (The Pacific, Final Destination 2)

Guri Weinberg – Stefan (Munich)

The American Nomads

Lee Pace – Garrett (Pushing Daisies, The Good Sherperd)

Toni Trucks – Mary (Music and Lyrics)

Bill Tangardi –  Randall  (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)

Erik Odom – Peter (Wicked Attraction, The Bureau)

Valorie Curry – Charlotte (Veronica Mars)

The European Nomad(s)

Joe Anderson – Alistair (The Crazies, Becomming Jane as Henry Austen)

Well, there they are! What do you all think?


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