Actor Matt Lanter Says He Was Almost Cast As Edward In ‘Twilight’

According to HollywoodLife 90210 and Vampires Suck actor Matt Lanter was almost up for the role of Edward Cullen but lost out to Robert Pattinson because he wasn’t ‘beautiful’ enough!

Matt Lanter is pretty attractive to us, but apparently the casting directors on Twilight didn’t think he was as much of a stud as Robert Pattinson!

The Twilight Saga has become the biggest franchise in the world, leaving 90201’s Matt Lanter scratching his head and wishing he had a British accent and more of a chiseled jaw! The 27-year-old actor was up for the role of Edward Cullen, but lost out to R-Patz for a very petty — yet important — reason.

“I actually did [tryout] … and then Robert Pattinson got it,” Matt said on the talk show, Whatever with Alexis & Jennifer, Oct. 11, explaining, “[The casting director] said that I was not “hauntingly beautiful enough.”

Talk about harsh! Luckily, Matt wasn’t totally left out of the Twilight loop — he played Edward in the recently released spoof, Vampires Suck and dished with exclusively about his experience.

“It was fun. I mean it was a weird, funny, wacky version of Edward, with the high hair and a
constipated look on the face all the time…and the much paler version,” he said. “But it was fun. It’s such an iconic character now; it’s so huge!”

Despite losing out on the real Twilight, Matt says there aren’t any hard feelings.

“Oh, I’m Team Edward for SURE,” he said.

Hollywood Life are running a poll on the link above – who is hotter Matt or Rob?

Vampires Suck hits UK cinemas this Friday 15th October!

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