Simpsons Twilight Character Voiced by…Harry Potter!

Seen a few reports about this. Might have to start watching The Simpsons again!

WE’RE starting to feel like we’re getting significant withdrawal symptoms from Robert Pattinson following all the Twilight Saga: Eclipse excitement.

But luckily for us, The Simpsons – and Daniel Radcliffe, randomly – have come to the rescue by creating their very own Robert Pattinson-inspired Twilight character.

‘Edmund’ the vampire will fall head-over-heels in love with Lisa Simpson in the upcoming Halloween episode, Tweenlight.

Complete with Edward Cullen‘s broody dress sense, wild locks of hair *swoon* and fangs, Edmund is the perfect cartoon version of our favourite vampire.

Unfortunately, it looks like R-Pattz wasn’t around to do the voice for Edmund, so Daniel Radcliffe has signed up instead.

Erm, so what we actually have here is a dream mix: Edward meshed with Harry Potter.

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