Breaking Dawn Starts Filming in ‘Less Than Two Weeks’ – Nikki Reed

Acoording to HollywoodLife Nikki Reed has said she’ll be heading to New Orleans to commence filming in just over a week. She also told them she will be doing some studying while on set. Read the article below!

Get ready for the next installment of the Twilight saga! The star said the cast will be back together and working on Breaking Dawn in less than two weeks and spills on how she’s getting ready to reprise her role as Rosalie!

We got to catch up with Nikki Reed at the launch of the Swatch new gents collection at the Gansevoort Park Avenue on Oct. 6 in NYC, where she told us the whole cast will be back together in New Orleans to begin work on the Breaking Dawn set in no time!

While Twilight and Eclipse were shot in Vancouver, the star said the cast is first headed down south for the fourth movie. “I’m headed out there [to New Orleans] in just over a week,” she said.

While on location, the star will also be taking on another role — as a student! “I’ve signed up for five courses, but two were unavailable,” she said, saying that she plans to take language, English, and psychology classes in her free time.

So, what can we expect from Rosalie? Nikki said she wants fans to see the sympathetic side of her vampire character and hopes to humanize her. “I cross my fingers I can do it accurately.” In order to get back in to character, she said she re-read the book, Breaking Dawn and she has acting classes scheduled for next week and plans to prep up until she goes off to New Orleans! “I went through it last month once I got the scripts just to make sure nothing was missing.”

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